Algida in Caivano is one of the biggest ice cream factories in the world. The location is the industrial area between Naples and Caserta, Southern Italy, a region usually covered by the media for investigations of Camorra. Algida is the factory of the Italian dream, the assembly line that for almost half a century has continued to absorb every day 500,000 liters of milk and turn them into Magnum, Cornetto, Cucciolone, 1,4 billion pieces a year and 250 per minute.

Photo by Fabrizio Vatieri on assignments for La Stampa
Text Francesca Paci
Photo editor Irene Opezzo

Algida CaivanoAlgida Caivano



Algida CaivanoAlgida CaivanoAlgida CaivanoAlgida CaivanoAlgida Caivano