La Stampa 150 exhibition

«Frangar, non flectar» («I will break, but I will not bend»).  It’s February 9th, 1867, and with this Latin motto printed under the masthead that La Gazzetta Piemontese is born in Turin, to later become, in 1895, La Stampa. Through the hundreds of photos on display, are retraced the first 150 years of history, the long journey of a newspaper rooted in the territory but with a keen eye for the rest of the world, and a sharp mind ready for future challenges.

The exhibition itinerary winds through 13 sections: it begins from the editorial staff, and proceeds by documenting conflicts, trends, jobs. On display, contemporary shots and original prints from La Stampa photographic archive: some include annotations, some were retouched with tempera and pencils, the way it used to be done before Photoshop, others are creased or warped.

The exhibition is open from February 9th to May 22nd 2017 in the Medieval Court of Palazzo Madama, Turin (Italy).

The exhibition at Palazzo Madama, Turin, Italy (Photo Alessandro di Marco/Ansa)

A family loading its Fiat 500 before leaving on holiday, 1985 (Sergio Solavaggione/Archivio La Stampa)

A couple kissing in Dam Square in Amsterdam, 1975 (Gabriele Basilico)

Portrait of a farmer and his rooster, 1990 (Bruno Murialdo)

Juventus supporters celebrating after a match, 1940 (Archivio La Stampa)

The old city of Erbil, in Iraq, in 2013: the tree, struck by lightning, is one of the most popular attractions among the locals (Antonio Zambardino)

Biopark in Cumiana (Turin), 2012 (Fabrizio Esposito)

Children playing in the Park of Resistance in Cuneo, 1983 (Sergio Solavaggione/Archivio La Stampa)

Test-drive on Lingotto’s track in Turin, 1929 (Archivio La Stampa)

La Stampa newsboy in front of Lingotto in the 40s (Archivio La Stampa)

Irene Opezzo, Cynthia Sgarallino, Elisabetta Pagani, Samuele Menin working on La Stampa 150 photo exhibition.