La Stampa

La Stampa, founded 150 years ago, is one of the three most known historical leading daily newspapers in Italy. For 6 years (2010-2017), I have been organizing photo shoots and researching a variety of photographs for various sections of the newspaper including foreign affairs, politics, economy, culture, entertainment, society, sciences, books. My duties included researching and selecting photos for the front page, securing usage rights, photo licensing and copyright.

In addition to the daily pages, I also curated the special issue Tuttolibri (books), Tuttoscienze (science), TuttoGreen (environment) and Europa, an international team of six other papers from the largest EU countries that aims to investigate the European predicament and seek to tease out solutions.


Earthquakes devastate Central Italy. Photo Massimo Percossi/Ansa. August 25th 2016
Donald Trump wins US Presidential Election 2016. Photo Abacaress. November 10th 2016
Obama wins US Presidential Election for the second time. Photo Scout Tufankjian. November 8th 2012
Pope Francis elected new Pope. Photo AFP. March 14th 2013


 February 22nd, 2014. Anti government protesters remain mobilzed against police and hold barricades in Euromaidan square. On the morning they make an advance to open a new front in Instituska street. At least 10 of them were shot dead by snipers.
Battle in Kiev, Ukraine. Photos Jérôme Sessini/Magnum February 22nd 2014
Libya war. Photo Pietro Masturzo for La Stampa April 2011


Roszke, Hungary - September 12th 2015 - Refugees who have arrived from Serbia, wait in line to be transported by bus to the refugee camp managed by the Hungarian government, where they will be registered and fingerprinted. The Hungarian government announced that for the 15th of September it will close the border definitively, to stop the flux of refugees coming from Serbia. Estimates say that only during the day of 12 of September more than 4000 people crossed the border between the two countries. Ph.Giulio Piscitelli
Refugees crisis, Hungary. Photo Giulio Piscitelli/Contrasto. September 12th 2015


New York Blackout. Photo Luca Campigotto. November 3rd 2012


Park Shanadar. il secondo parco piu grande della citta, sopra il quale corre la teleferica della città
Erbil renaissance. Photos Antonio Zambardino. March 18th 2013
Uganda gay rights. Photos Edward Echwalu/Reuters. August 10th 2015
Milan Fashion Week. Photos Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi on assignment for La Stampa. September 26th 2012
Putin analysis. Photo Yves Herman/Reuters. March 17th 2014
Mineo’s amateur squad is made up of African migrants Photo Tony Gentile/Reuters October 20th 2014
Mandela obituary. Photo Hans Gedda/Sygma/Corbis. December 6th 2013