Photo Vogue Festival


Vogue Italia presents the first-ever international festival dedicated entirely to fashion photography. Vogue Italia has elevated the bond between excellent fashion and photography to an art status. The awareness of such act has naturally led to the decision to set up Photo Vogue Festival, an international festival entirely dedicated to fashion photography, which will take place in Milan from 22nd to 26th of November 2016. The festival is a unique event in its kind and will engage the entire city of Milan with lectures, conferences and exhibitions.

On Saturday,November 26th, between 11 am and 1 pm at Base Milano, a group of talented photographers selected by the Vogue Italia team will have the opportunity to have their portfolio freely reviewed by key industry experts. Reviewers: Alberto Prina, Aldo Mendichi, Alessia Glaviano, Azu Nwagbogu, Chiara Bardelli Nonino, Chiara Capodici, Claudio Composti, Daria Scolamacchia, Diego Orlando, Federica Chiocchetti, Francesca Morosini, Francesca Seravalle, Giulia Ticozzi, Giulia Zorzi, Irene Opezzo, Maddalena Scarzella, Marco Finazzi, Maria Teresa Salvati, Milo Montelli, Selva Barni.

Chaired by the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani, and directed by Senior Photo Editor, Alessia Glaviano, the Photo Vogue Festival aims to become an annual event, with the upcoming first edition.

Fajar P. Domingo cover collage for Tuttolibri


Fajar P. Domingo is an Indonesian collagist whose work is published on the special edition of Tuttolibri for the Turin Book Fair (Salone del Libro) in May 2016. Since he was a child, Domingo used to cut out his sister’s magazines for his first creations. Today he is a graphic designer based in Jakarta.
@ohfajar Instagram account has 50k followers. He collaborates with international fashion companies, like Gucci, and many design, art and lifestyle publications. He designed the cover for the special number of Tuttolibri and a selection of his portfolio is displayed in 24 special pages.


McCurry photo intervention: is it right to use Photoshop to retouch shots?


A blogger discovered a badly retouched photo of Cuba at the exhibition of the American master Steve McCurry in Venaria Reale, Italy. I asked Pulizer Prize winner Manu Brabo and documentarist photographer Giovanni Troilo their opinion: for photojournalist Brabo, “He was wrong, you’re not expecting a bad example from him”; director-photographer Troilo said, “That image is not a piece of evidence of reality”.

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