Editorial industry and photojournalism, Minimum


Talk on the theme of editorial industry and photojournalism organized by Minimum. Irene Opezzo, photo editor of “La Stampa”, and photographer Alfredo D’Amato discuss about their respective roles inside the photographic industry.

What are the dynamics of the iconographic drawing up of a national newspaper? How can in-depth and long-term work become a contribution in the publishing market? What are the current relations between the two professions? How can these professions converge in a period of enormous photographic production and deep editorial crisis?

Minimum is a contemporary photography Studio in Palermo (Sicily) founded by photographers Valentino Bellini and Roberto Boccaccino. Housed in the historic center of Palermo, Minimum is known to feature new languages of photography and image, and thrives on research with highly rated collaborations and commissions.


Irene Opezzo and Alfredo D’Amato during the talk at Minimum