Photojournalism, how the profession is changing today

Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea in Cinisello B. (Milan) presents a dialogue between Irene Opezzo photo editor of La Stampa and Edoardo Delille, photographer River Boom, with the introduction of Giovanna Calvenzi.

The meeting explores the role of photo editor and the photographer through direct dialogue with two professionals. Among the issues discussed: the relationship between social networks and photography, the American elections coverage told by different media (from daily newspaper to Instagram), the potential of new tools like drones, the work of the photo collective Riverboom.

Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea inCinisello B. (Milan), operated since 2004, the year of its inauguration, is the only public photography museum in Italy. It operates in the field of preservation, cataloging, study and research, with particular emphasis on the technological transformations in progress and on the relationship between photography and other disciplines.