SPD Photography Portfolio Review

Photographers: SAVE THE DATE! Join us for the 6th Annual SPD Photography Portfolio Review this September and October 2023. Virtually share your portfolio with top Photo Directors & Visual Creatives from an assortment of publications and brands who are looking for new talent. They want to see your work!

SPD sets the standard for editorial excellence. This is your opportunity to put your best portfolio forward and talk to industry leaders online. During your review, you will be able to virtually screen-share your portfolio when you talk one-on-one. SPD does not need your portfolio beforehand.


211 free digital portfolio reviews with 39 international professionals working in photography.
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Pasadena ArtCenter College of Design Portfolio Review

ArtCenter College of Design is a private college located in Pasadena, California. In 1935, Fred R. Archer founded the photography department, and Ansel Adams was a guest instructor in the late 1930s. ArtCenter’s Art, Industrial Design and Media Design Practices programs are ranked among the top 20 graduate schools in the U.S.

Among other photographers, art directors and academics, I was a portfolio reviewer for Art Center’s Photo and Imaging department graduating students.

Photojournalism, how the profession is changing today

Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea in Cinisello B. (Milan) presents a dialogue between Irene Opezzo photo editor of La Stampa and Edoardo Delille, photographer River Boom, with the introduction of Giovanna Calvenzi.

The meeting explores the role of photo editor and the photographer through direct dialogue with two professionals. Among the issues discussed: the relationship between social networks and photography, the American elections coverage told by different media (from daily newspaper to Instagram), the potential of new tools like drones, the work of the photo collective Riverboom.

Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea inCinisello B. (Milan), operated since 2004, the year of its inauguration, is the only public photography museum in Italy. It operates in the field of preservation, cataloging, study and research, with particular emphasis on the technological transformations in progress and on the relationship between photography and other disciplines.

Photo Vogue Festival


Vogue Italia presents the first-ever international festival dedicated entirely to fashion photography. Vogue Italia has elevated the bond between excellent fashion and photography to an art status. The awareness of such act has naturally led to the decision to set up Photo Vogue Festival, an international festival entirely dedicated to fashion photography, which will take place in Milan from 22nd to 26th of November 2016. The festival is a unique event in its kind and will engage the entire city of Milan with lectures, conferences and exhibitions.

On Saturday,November 26th, between 11 am and 1 pm at Base Milano, a group of talented photographers selected by the Vogue Italia team will have the opportunity to have their portfolio freely reviewed by key industry experts. Reviewers: Alberto Prina, Aldo Mendichi, Alessia Glaviano, Azu Nwagbogu, Chiara Bardelli Nonino, Chiara Capodici, Claudio Composti, Daria Scolamacchia, Diego Orlando, Federica Chiocchetti, Francesca Morosini, Francesca Seravalle, Giulia Ticozzi, Giulia Zorzi, Irene Opezzo, Maddalena Scarzella, Marco Finazzi, Maria Teresa Salvati, Milo Montelli, Selva Barni.

Chaired by the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani, and directed by Senior Photo Editor, Alessia Glaviano, the Photo Vogue Festival aims to become an annual event, with the upcoming first edition.

Umbria World Fest Prize

UWF 1st Prize, “Habibi”, Antonio Faccilongo. Irene Opezzo during a portfolio review

Umbria World Fest in Foligno is a photo festival in Central Italy. The festival plays an active role in the support of young talents through the Umbria World Fest prize. Finalist works will be selected through portfolio reviews by photo editors, international recognized photographers, experts from photo agencies, teachers and curators. The winning project will be exhibited in the 2017 edition of the Festival. 

The winning work by Antonio Faccilongo is “Habibi”, the story of Palestinian prisoners’ wives who have turned to sperm smuggling in order to conceive children from their husbands, who are serving long-term sentences. Around 7,000 Palestinians are serving time in Israeli prisons, with nearly 1,000 facing sentences of 20 years or more. Conjugal visits are denied and prisoners are separated from visitors by glass panels. In the past three years, 60 babies have been born through IVF.

Visa d’or Daily Press Award


La Stampa is selected at Visa Pour l’Image in Perpignan, where International daily newspapers exhibit their best shots for the year, competing for the 2016 Visa d’Or Daily Press Award.  Among 2016 productions, La Stampa selected Guido Montani’s work on Labanof, the first project ever to identify those who lost their lives in the bottom of the Mediterranean.

Klaus Pichler, winner of Happiness on the move

pichler_k-02The winner of the International award HAPPINESS ON THE MOVE is Klaus Pichler, a photographer living in Vienna, with “Golden Days Before They End” .

The international photography award is organized by the Cortona Photo Festival. I was part of the 2016 edition jury, among international photography experts like Daphne Angles, photo editor at The New York Times in Paris, Fiona Rogers, Global Business Development Manager at Magnum in London, James Wellford, chief of visual documentary project Screen in New York.

About the winning work. They still exist. These little inns, bars or dens in Vienna, Austria, where time seems to have stopped. If you pass by, you hear loud laughter through the half open door – and only very few walk in. Too often, these places appear in the media with reports of a fight or a stabbing between friends over a misunderstanding during one of their drinking sessions. For many customers, these are the only places they find somebody to talk to. Most of the time, the whole bar takes part in one conversation. These are substitute families with their own daily rituals. Once you’ve joined the family, you stick together and you drink together – all day, every day.


Lesson at Spazio Labo’, Bologna

A lesson during the Photojournalism class at Spazio Labò, Bologna

Since 2010, Spazio Labo’ in Bologna, has been a multifunctional center that deals with the spread of the culture of photography in different ways: as an exhibition space, with a gallery devoted to the work of emerging authors and internationally renowned photographers; as a school of photography, with a wide and varied educational program that offers numerous proposals, including a path of comprehensive annual studies to start the profession and to carry out artistic research, and the renowned workshops in New York; as a place dedicated to events such as presentations, conferences, exhibitions, debates and meetings dedicated to photography at national and international level.

I had a lesson during the photojournalism class held by photographer Stefano De Grandis. During the lessons I created a collective comparison coordinated by simulating the dynamics of the newspapers and watching the most expendable facts of actuality.

Farang, Tuttolibri


Tuttolibri last issue features Farang, a project by Francesco Merlini, a Milan-based photographer and photo editor of Prospekt agency.
The dark atmosphere and the night drawn in flash surprise ambiguous situations, making up Farang, a visual diary away from home and the comfort zone. “Farang” is a thai word  that refers to all that is foreign, typically “Western”. The project won the “Conscientious Portfolio Photography Competition” and was selected by the British Journal of Photography for “The Talent Issue: Ones to Watch in 2016”.


Fajar P. Domingo cover collage for Tuttolibri


Fajar P. Domingo is an Indonesian collagist whose work is published on the special edition of Tuttolibri for the Turin Book Fair (Salone del Libro) in May 2016. Since he was a child, Domingo used to cut out his sister’s magazines for his first creations. Today he is a graphic designer based in Jakarta.
@ohfajar Instagram account has 50k followers. He collaborates with international fashion companies, like Gucci, and many design, art and lifestyle publications. He designed the cover for the special number of Tuttolibri and a selection of his portfolio is displayed in 24 special pages.


Around Gallery Video Academy


Around Gallery released Academy, a new format of video lessons performed by twelve experts in photography and visual art. Irene Opezzo explained her profession as the photo editor of La Stampa, among the principal newspapers in Italy in a video tutorial.

Around Gallery is a start-up dedicated to authorial photography. Working along with a group of professional visual artists, Around Gallery organizes exhibitions, publishes books, and is a consultant as well as a production company for photo-video shooting.

Editorial industry and photojournalism, Minimum


Talk on the theme of editorial industry and photojournalism organized by Minimum. Irene Opezzo, photo editor of “La Stampa”, and photographer Alfredo D’Amato discuss about their respective roles inside the photographic industry.

What are the dynamics of the iconographic drawing up of a national newspaper? How can in-depth and long-term work become a contribution in the publishing market? What are the current relations between the two professions? How can these professions converge in a period of enormous photographic production and deep editorial crisis?

Minimum is a contemporary photography Studio in Palermo (Sicily) founded by photographers Valentino Bellini and Roberto Boccaccino. Housed in the historic center of Palermo, Minimum is known to feature new languages of photography and image, and thrives on research with highly rated collaborations and commissions.


Irene Opezzo and Alfredo D’Amato during the talk at Minimum

Irevolution, book launch

Phom delves into the field of photography by collaborating with internationally-renowned photographers and specialists to debate the shifts in society, territory, language and work with regards to the photographer’s perspective. Phom continues its investigation work on photography by organizing an evening dedicated to the presentation of “Irevolution, Notes About Mobile Photography”, the new book by Irene Alison.

Talk: Irene Alison, Irene Opezzo, Marco Benna (Phom)